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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 7th Annual
Protein Purification and Recovery
Streamlining Processes
January 21-22, 2015

The Protein Purification and Recovery conference explores how experts are innovating processes to achieve purity, and provides an overview of the current tactics and technologies for optimizing protein purification in the effort to reach consistency and quality. Case studies will be presented that illustrate the tenacity needed to maximize purity and yield, while minimizing purification steps. The agenda addresses process development and issues of scale, along with purifying challenging proteins, such as membrane proteins. The meeting also addresses purification of proteins in different expression systems, including mammalian, bacterial and insect cells.

Preliminary Agenda 



The Distinct Issues of Membrane Proteins versus Soluble Proteins

Robert Stroud, Ph.D., Professor, Biochemistry/Biophysics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Director, Membrane Protein Expression Center, University of California, San Francisco

Expression of Transmembrane Proteins in Yeast for Genetic, Biochemical and Structural Studies

Mark E. Dumont, Ph.D., Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Rochester Medical Center

GPCR Purification: Protein Engineering and Process Optimisation Are Key Elements for Successful GPCR Crystallisation

Markus Koglin, Ph.D., Associate Director, Protein Engineering, Heptares Therapeutics

Strategies for Detergent Stabilization and Large-Scale Affinity Purification of the Functional G Protein-Coupled Receptors

Alexei Yeliseev, Ph.D., Staff Scientist, Group Leader, LMBB, NIAAA, National Institutes of Health

Overcoming Difficult to Express Proteins: Cell-Free Additives for Solubilizing and Characterizing Membrane Proteins

Matthew Coleman, Ph.D., Deputy Group Leader, Molecular Toxicology, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and Senior Scientist, University of California, Davis


Purification of the Sanofi Pasteur HSV2 Vaccine Candidate, HSV529

Sophia Mundle, Ph.D., Manager, Protein Chemistry, Sanofi Pasteur Biologics Co.

Reproducing Irreproducible Results: A Case Study for Robust Kinase Crystallization

Mario Lebendiker, Ph.D., Head, Protein Purification Facility, Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Resolving Protein Purification Challenges for Therapeutic Antibody Development

Julie Q. Hang, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Protein Chemistry, Genentech, Inc.

Development of an Industrially Relevant DSP Platform Process for a Bispecific Antibody, the κλ-Body

Jean-François Depoisier, Head, Downstream Processing Unit, NovImmune SA


Production of Prenylated Proteins in the BEVS: Purification and Analysis

William Gillette, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Cancer Research Technology Program, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research