January 18-22, 2016 | Town and Country Resort Hotel | SAN DIEGO, CA 
January 18-22, 2016 | Town and Country Resort Hotel | SAN DIEGO, CA 

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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 12th Annual
Recombinant Protein Therapeutics
Fusion Proteins and Beyond
January 18-19, 2016

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Recombinant Protein Therapeutics conference explores the customizable functionality of fusion protein therapeutics, which possess advantages over antibody-based therapies by combining modular building blocks that can reach targets not accessible to antibodies. Additional advantages include lower patient dosing, reduced production costs and improved product homogeneity. This meeting explores the varying constructs and “designs” of fusion protein molecules, and discloses how these proteins are being engineered to form more efficacious therapeutics that offer specificity with enhanced stability and longer half-life. Experts present case studies from R&D through clinical data, and share the results they’ve achieved.

Preliminary Agenda 


Re-Engineering Lysosomal Enzyme Therapeutics for the Brain as IgG Fusion Proteins that Penetrate the Blood-Brain Barrier

Ruben Boado, Ph.D., Vice President, R&D, ArmaGen, Inc.


Targeting MUC16-Positive Malignancies with the Novel TRAIL-Based Cancer Therapeutic Meso64-TR3

Dirk Spitzer, Ph.D., Instructor, Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine

Potential Role of LEC/Antibody Fusion Protein in the Immunotherapy of Cancer

Alan L. Epstein, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Pathology, University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine

Engaging Innate and Adaptive Immunity Using Cancer-Reactive Immunocytokines

Paul M. Sondel, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Pediatrics, Hematology & Oncology, University of Wisconsin, Madison


Development of Luspatercept: A Receptor Fusion Protein Engineered to Treat Diseases of Ineffective Erythropoiesis

Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D., CSO, Acceleron Pharma, Inc.

Development of Physiocrine-Based Therapeutics

Andrew Cubitt, Ph.D., Vice President, Intellectual Property, aTyr Pharma, Inc.


Affibody-Based C5 Inhibitors for Targeting the Terminal Complement Pathway

Patrik Strömberg, Ph.D., Head, Biomedical Science and Portfolio Innovation, Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB (SOBI)



Affibody-Based Ligand-Trap that Blocks IL-17 with Unparalleled In Vivo Potency and Long Plasma Half-Life 
Joachim Feldwisch, Ph.D., Director, Preclinical Development, Affibody AB 

Next-Generation FVIII Fusion Protein Incorporating Both XTEN Insertions and von Willebrand Factor

Robert Peters, Ph.D., Vice President, Hematology Research, Biogen


Fc Engineering to Increase Half-Life and Reduce Effector Functions

Céline Monnet, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Molecular Design Unit, Innovation Department, LFB Biotechnologies

Targeting Therapeutic with an Antibody Specific to Damaged Arthritic Cartilage

Ahuva Nissim, Ph.D., Reader, Antibody and Therapeutic Engineering, Biochemical Pharmacology, Queen Mary University

Manufacturing of Recombinant Protein Therapeutics under Cost Constraints

Stefan Schmidt, Ph.D., MBA, Vice President, Process Science and Production, Rentschler Biotechnology

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