PepTalk 2017
PepTalk 2017

Pipeline 7: Manufacturing and Facilities (New!)

Single-use technologies have been widely acknowledged as the enabler for continuous processing and flexible, modular facilities that will help increase throughput, reduce turnover time, facilitate multiproduct manufacturing and allow replication in multiple locations. At the same time, extractables and leachables and toxicological-biochemical challenges must be addressed as part of the validation process for these new systems and facilities to ensure the safe manufacture of efficacious biopharmaceuticals. The Manufacturing and Facilities pipeline reviews the technologies, processes and hurdles that need to be overcome to launch the biopharmaceutical industry’s facilities of the future.

Conferences Inlcude:

January 13-14

Single-Use Technologies and Continuous Processing in Biopharm Manufacturing 

January 15-16

Flexible Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals 

January 16-17

Extractables and Leachables