PepTalk 2017
PepTalk 2017
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Tuesday, January 14 | 5:00-8:00 pm

The ability to identify antibodies that have the required potency and specificity is the essential first step in any drug discovery effort. Additionally, these molecules need to have the biophysical properties that make them suitable candidate therapeutic molecules. The identification of antibodies with “drug-like” properties can be achieved through an understanding of the characteristics of the ideal drug candidate and tailoring the selection process to meet this specification.

The topics to be covered:

  • Characteristics of an ideal drug candidate
  • How library design impacts selection output
  • How to tailor selection campaigns to achieve the desired output
  • Library output screening methodologies
  • Early stage manufacturability evaluation



Andrew E. Nixon, Ph.D., Vice President, Discovery Research, Dyax

Speaker Biography

Andrew E. Nixon, Ph.D., Vice President, Discovery Research, Dyax

Dr. Nixon is Vice President, Discovery Research at Dyax. In this role he oversees all aspects of Dyax’s phage display technology including library selections, isolate screening and the production and characterization of selected leads. Additionally, he is responsible for generation of cell lines suitable for antibody manufacturing. Prior to joining Dyax in 1999, Dr. Nixon completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the laboratory of Prof. S.J. Benkovic, in the Department of Chemistry at Pennsylvania State University, where he was involved in the development of techniques to facilitate enzyme engineering. Dr. Nixon earned his Ph.D. from the University of London for studies completed at the MRC’s National Institute for Medical Research.

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