PepTalk 2017
PepTalk 2017


Record Attendance at PepTalk 2012 

Over 1,000 participants gathered at the legendary Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego, California for CHI’s 11th Annual PepTalk event. From attendees, to exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors, this year's conference was another great success for all involved.

Delegates enjoyed creating their own agendas by moving between the tracks and choosing the sessions that best fit their learning and networking needs.

Once again, BuzZ Session groups were a prominent feature of this event, providing a venue for open communication and collaboration. Participants learned from one another of the challenges, solutions, common concerns, and future priorities.

Thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors for your support and contribution, and to all the delegates for your participation. The success of this event is largely due to the dedicated participants that return with us year after year.

We look forward to seeing you again next year at our NEW LOCATION Palm Springs, California. 

If you would like to share your feedback, or give input for next year’s event, please contact Mary Ann Brown at

“PepTalk continues to evolve right alongside the field of biotherapeutics. The 2012 edition struck a perfect balance of presentations and networking opportunities. This created the best possible environment to learn about the advances and debate the challenges in protein based therapeutics. I look forward to attending this excellent conference in 2013.”
Richard Altman, Research Scientist, Molecular Sciences, Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PepTalk 2012
continues the tradition of strong scientific programming centered around protein-based therapeutics.  The four distinct protein pipelines focused on formulation, purification, biotherapeutics and expression range from applying protein discovery research, to developing downstream protein products that ultimately lead to clinical applications.  This focused design enables you create your own agenda by moving between the tracks and choosing the sessions that best fit your research and networking needs.  Additional networking opportunities will be available through BuzZ Session discussion groups, short courses and panel discussions. 


Pipeline 1 Formulating Biologics 


Optimizing Biologics Formulation Development
Protein-Device Combinations
Lyophilization and Emerging Drying Technologies
Protein Aggregation and Emerging Analytical Tools 

Pipeline 2 Analytics of Process Improvement 


Protein Purification & Recovery
Higher Throughput Protein Purification
Protein Aggregation and Emerging Analytical Tools 

Pipleline 3 Biotherapeutics 


Recombinant Protein Therapeutics – Fusion Proteins & Beyond
Antibodies for the 21st Century – Engineering the Next Generation
Bispecific Antibody Therapeutics 

Pipeline 4 Higher-Throughput Protein Expression 


Engineering Genes, Vectors, Constructs and Clones
Choosing, Designing, and Optimizing Hosts and Platforms
Overcoming Challenges, Finding Solutions