Meet the Team

We are looking forward to welcoming you to San Diego!

Meet the Team!


Mary Ann Brown

  • # of years at CHI: 30
  • # of Years on PTK: 23
  • Currently Producing: Team Lead, Recombinant Protein Expression & Production
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: visit Balboa Park, walk the beach on Coronado Island, sipping a good margarita while eating crunchy nachos
  • Outside Interests: New England Revolution Soccer fan, Patriots Fan, “Go Big Red” Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, gardening, reading “cozy mysteries”, beach combing at winter hangout in Florida
  • Email:

Christina Lingham

  • # of years at CHI: 29
  • # of Years on PTK: 3
  • Currently Producing: Safety & Efficacy of Bispecific Antibodies, Developability of Bispecific Antibodies, Introduction to Bispecific Antibodies and Introduction to Antibody Engineering
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: hang out on Coronado Island
  • Outside Interests: hiking, biking, swimming, walking
  • Email:

Nandini Kashyap

  • # of years at CHI: 11+
  • # of Years on PTK: 10+
  • Currently Producing: Characterization of Biotherapeutics and Characterizing Protein Aggregates & Impurities
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: Network with the PepTalk community and CHI colleagues
  • Outside Interests: Fitness Enthusiast, Modeling, Indian American Pageant Winner, mom to three young kids
  • Email:

Kent Simmons

  • # of years at CHI: 11
  • # of Years on PTK: 10
  • Currently Producing: Two-part Intelligent Antibody Discovery program
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: Cycling the Bayshore Bikeway, murals and dining in Barrio Logan, the zoo (of course), taking the trolley to Tijuana, hiking in Torrey Pines, Taka for Sushi, False Idol tiki bar
  • Outside Interests: Coffee roasting, cycling, cooking, reading, outdoors, travel, etc.
  • Email:

Nikki Cerniuk

  • # of years at CHI: 1
  • # of Years on PTK: first year!
  • Currently Producing: Viral Vector Engineering, Non-Viral Vector Engineering, Cell Line Optimization
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: never been – excited to explore
  • Outside Interests: Competitive powerlifting, kayaking, rock climbing, DIY projects (Car/motorcycle work, aquascapes, etc), learning about investing
  • Email:

Julie Sullivan

  • # of years at CHI: 2
  • # of Years on PTK: 2
  • Currently Producing: Training Seminars
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: walk along the pier
  • Outside Interests: running, but not quickly 😊
  • Email:

Project Management

Kevin Brawley

  • # of years at CHI: 2
  • # of Years on PTK: 2
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: Explore the historic sites
  • Outside Interests: Sailing, skiing, hiking, spending time with family, music
  • Email:


Nicole Proulx

  • # of years at CHI: 21
  • # of Years on PTK: 18
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: going to the beach, hoping to do a sea cave kayak tour
  • Outside Interests: watching my kids sporting events, hiking, the beach, camping and spending time with family.
  • Email:

Amberly Ortkiese

Bethany Gray

  • # of years at CHI: 14
  • # of Years on PTK: 13
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: Visiting the Del, spending time at the beach
  • Outside Interests: boating, going to the beach
  • Email:


Ashley Parsons

  • # of years at CHI: 4
  • # of Years on PTK: 4
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: eating tacos and walking along the pier
  • Outside Interests: competitive latin and ballroom dance, painting – not well
  • Email:

Meeting Planning

Elsa Armstrong

  • # of years at CHI: 12.5
  • # of Years on PTK: 11
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: Enjoying the warm sunny weather and outdoor dining
  • Outside Interests: Love The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, power hot yoga, sitting on the beach reading
  • Email:

Client Services Specialist

Sabina Muntean

  • # of years at CHI: 10
  • # of Years on PTK: 1, a few years ago
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: walk around Balboa Park and Old Town
  • Outside Interests: Going to the beach, exploring new places and restaurants, traveling
  • Email:


Christine Hansen


Jamie Ring

  • # of years at CHI: 15
  • # of Years on PTK: 15
  • Favorite Things to do in San Diego: Visit the San Diego Zoo (Specifically to see the Shoebill, Red Panda, Takin, Tapir, Tree Kangaroo, Okapi, and Sloth)
  • Outside Interests: animal enthusiast. enjoy learning about animals across the globe, proud “dog mom” to my wonderful Golden Retrievers
  • Email: