The Characterization & Aggregation in Biopharmaceuticals pipeline features two back-to-back popular conferences addressing critical topics such as analytical and characterization tools for protein formulation development, aggregation, stability assessment, and impurities in biotherapeutics and vaccines. These conferences will feature case studies, new and unpublished data, interactive panel discussions, keynote talks, and many opportunities to network and make connections to discuss the timeliest issues and opportunities in biotherapeutics development.

January 16-17

Characterization of Biotherapeutics

January 18-19

Characterizing Protein Aggregates and Impurities


Michael S. Marlow, PhD

Connecting the Lab to the Machine: A Retrospective Analysis and Prospective Evaluation
Michael S. Marlow, PhD, Director Biologics CMC Research, Biotherapeutics Discovery, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Bharat Jagannathan

Frozen State Protein Aggregation and Its Impact on Biologic Process Development
Bharat Jagannathan, PhD, Principal Scientist, Attribute Sciences, Amgen Inc.

Alois Jungbauer

The Role of Interactome in Host Cell Protein Composition in Downstream Processing
Alois Jungbauer, PhD, Professor & Head, Biotechnology, Institute of Bioprocess Science and Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)

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