Conferences are designed for building connections.  Sometimes though, you need a designated meeting space and common interests to make those connections.  We are excited to offer the PepTalk Plaza as a gathering place to facilitate connections.

The PepTalk Plaza located in the Exhibit Hall provides a meeting spot for people with similar interests to convene and construct a plan to take advantage of all that PepTalk: The Protein Science and Production Week has to offer.

Check back for a detailed schedule of meetups and events.

Young Scientist Meet Up
Our young scientist meet up is an opportunity to get to know and network with mentors of the PepTalk community. This session aims to inspire the next-generation of young scientists by giving direct access to established leaders in the field.

  • Get to know fellow peers and colleagues
  • Make connections and network with other institutions 
  • Discuss the role of mentors and peers role models in the workplace

Electronic Connections Training
Learn and experience sharing electronic business profiles and connecting on the PepTalk App.

Speed Networking
Bring yourself, your business cards or e-cards, and be prepared to share and summarize the key elements of your research in a minute. A location, timer, and fellow attendees to facilitate the introductions will be provided.

Women in Science Meet Up
CHI is proud to offer programming that honors and celebrates the advancement of diversity in the life sciences. We recognize that barriers preventing women from fully participating in the sciences are not just barriers to equality, but also critically deter scientific advancement worldwide. Our Women in Science programming invites the entire scientific community to discuss these barriers, as we believe that all voices are necessary and welcome.

Post-PepTalk Connections
  • How will our onsite app benefit your networking after the conference?
  • How to view on-demand presentations to maximize your conference experience