Room: Sapphire Ballroom

Poster Presenters noted with * are Student Fellows.


Presenting Monday through Tuesday (morning)

1A: Recombinant Protein Therapeutics

Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
A1. Half-Life Extension Technology Using Semi-Synthetic Fc-Fusions; Presented by Shigeo H.
Dartmouth College
A2. Engineered Human Lysozyme as the Next-Gen Antibiotic to Combat Drug-Resistant Pathogenic Bacteria; Presented by Yongliang F.*
Grifols Diagnostic Solutions
A3. Novel Fc-Poly Histidine Tag Leads to High Order Oligomerization and Improved Observed Affinity; Presented by Vincenzo F.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
A4. Affibody-Mediated Sequestration of Amyloid Beta Demonstrates Preventive Efficacy in a Transgenic Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Model; Presented by Hanna L.
Kyoto Institute of Technology
A5. Super-Secretory Expression of Recombinant Antibody Fragments by Fed-Batch Culture with PID-Control Feeding System; Presented by Yoichi K.
LakePharma, Inc.
A6. Engineering and Development of a Novel Long-Lasting Human Growth Hormone; Presented by Jonathan H.
National Research Council Canada
A7. Novel Approaches for Monoclonal Antibody Generation and Characterization Against Multi-Span Transmembrane Targets; Presented by Cunle W.
University of California, Davis
A8. Production and Preliminary In Vitro Evaluation of a Plant-Made, Oxidation Resistant Alpha-1 Antitrypsin; Presented by David S.*
University of Queensland
A9. Biotechnology Approaches for Development of Recombinant Protein Antigen-Toll-Like Receptor Agonist Conjugate Subunit Vaccines; Presented by Zhenghu X.*


2A: Advancing CNS Biotherapeutics and Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
A10. Engineering of Transferrin Receptor-Mediated Strategies to Increase Blood-Brain Transfer of Affibody Molecules; Presented by Linnea H.*
Kyoto University
A11. Exploration of Metastatic Brain Tumor Microenvironment Specific Molecular Properties of Immune Cells and Breast Cancer Cells; Presented by Eiji S.
State University of New York Upstate Medical University
A12. Stepping into the Light: Translational Potential of Relaxin-3 and a Novel Stapled Peptide in Neuropsychiatric Disorders; Presented by Subhi M.*


3A: Engineering Next-Generation Cancer Immunotherapies

Carterra, Inc.
A13. Accelerate Kinetic Screening and Epitope Characterization of Antibody Libraries with Array SPR; Presented by Yasmina A.
Genedata, Inc.
A14. Industrializing IO Therapeutic Discovery Platforms: Multispecifics, Engineered TCRs and CARs; Presented by Christopher S.
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH
A15. Setup and Validation of a T Cell Receptor Maturation Platform Resulting in High-Affinity Binders for Engineering of Bispecific TCER Molecules; Presented by Felix U.
ImmunXperts SA
A16. A Set of In Vitro Functional and Immunogenicity Assays to Accelerate Immuno Oncology Drug Development; Presented by Mayuko O.
Kangwon National University
A17. Advancing Targeted Therapy in Triple Negative Breast Cancer; Presented by Kristine K.
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
A18. Establishment of a Novel Platform to Generate Antibody Prodrugs; Presented by Hilmar E.


4A: Optimizing Biologics Formulation Development

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
A19. Viscosity in High-Concentration Protein Formulations; Presented by Thomas P.
California State University, Los Angeles
A20. Optimizing Biologics Formulations Under Freeze-Thaw Using Antifreeze Polypeptides; Presented by Xin W.
Dow Chemical Company
A21. Dynamic Properties of a Novel Surfactant for Improved Biologic Stability; Presented by Benjamin Y.
Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc.
A22. A High Throughput Approach to Assist Formulation Development for Recombinant Proteins by Light Scattering; Presented by Jin D.
A23. Understanding the Limits of Polysorbate 80 to Inhibit Stress-Induced Quality Changes in a Late Phase Monoclonal Antibody Drug Product Formulation; Presented by David H.
Integrity Bio
A24. High Concentration Monoclonal Antibody Formulations Using Excelse® Technology; Presented by Jugal D.
Merck & Co., Inc.
A25. Application of 1H Solution NMR for Effective Screening and Formulation Development of Therapeutic Proteins; Presented by Bradley F.
Technische Universitat Dortmund
A26. Selecting Excipients for High-Concentration Protein Formulations Based on Activity Coefficients; Presented by Christoph B.
Thomson Instrument Company
A27. Optimum Growth™ Family of Products Will Provide Culture for Screening to Scale Up of Mammalian Cell Lines Using Single Use Plates, Flasks and Transfer Caps; Presented by Mark R.


5A: Characterization of Biotherapeutics

Alliance Protein Laboratories, a Division of KBI Biopharma
A28. Native-PAGE of Qualitative Analysis of Quaternary Structure of Proteins; Presented by Cynthia L.
BUCHI Corporation
A29. Comparison of Titration Method Performance for Nitrogen Determination in Peptides; Presented by Matthew B.
Charles River Laboratories
A30. Considerations for the Use of Analytical Ultracentrifugation for Characterization and QC Testing of AAV Gene Delivery Vectors; Presented by Christopher S.
Dynamic Biosensors GmbH
A31. Antibody Kinetic Measurements in Serum and Cell Culture Medium on the switchSENSE Biosensor; Presented by Thomas W.
GE Healthcare
A32. Surrogate Potency Assays with SPR-Two CQA Determined in Only One Assay; Presented by Cynthia S.
GE Healthcare
A33. Biacore™ Insight Evaluation Software for PLA and EC50 Potency Analysis; Presented by Cynthia S.
Genedata, Inc.
A34. A Platform Approach to Manage Developability and Manufacturability Risks of Biologics Molecules; Presented by Amanda F.
Genedata, Inc.
A35. An Automated Approach for Comprehensive Characterization and Quantification of Low-Abundance Sequence Variants in a Standard Monoclonal Antibody; Presented by Aude T.
Halo Labs
A36. HORIZON - High Throughput Low Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis; Presented by Rick G.
NanoImaging Services, Inc.
A37. Structural Characterization of Biotherapeutics by Electron Microscopy; Presented by Sarah D.
NeoProteomics, Inc.
A38. High Resolution Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting Introduction and Workflow; Presented by John S.
A39. PerkinElmer’s Protein EXact™ Assay for High-Throughput, High-Precision Protein Quantitation; Presented by James W.
Promega Corporation
A40. Reproducible MOA-Reflecting Reporter-Based Bioassays to Enable Drug Development of Biosimilars and Biobetters; Presented by Steven E.
ProZyme, A part of Agilent
A41. An Intact Protein Approach to Exoglycosidase Sequencing Followed by Released N-Glycan Analysis from Biotherapeutic Glycoproteins; Presented by John Y.
RedShift BioAnalytics, Inc.
A42. Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy Analysis of a Monoclonal Antibody at Different Concentrations; Presented by Jeffrey Z.
A43. Rediscover the Strengths of Your PA 800 Plus – A Multi Attribute Protein Analyzer; Presented by Matt S.
Sungkyunkwan University
A44. Development of Single-Chain Antibody Variable Fragments (scFvs) Against Pneumococcal Antigens; Presented by Sangho L.
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
A45. Characterization and Development of VXD-001, a Vaccine Against Acinetobacter baumannii; Presented by Carlos B.*
University of California, Berkeley
A46. Anion Induced Destabilization in a Bispecific Antibody Liquid Formulation; Presented by Vishnu D.*


6A: Bioprocess Data Management

Genedata, Inc.
A47. End-to-End Workflow Platform for Integrated Biopharmaceutical Development; Presented by Adrienne C.


7A: Engineering Genes, Vectors, Constructs, and Clones

Development Center for Biotechnology
A48. Whole Genome Sequencing of High Production Cell Line Reveal a Promising Region for Targeted Integration; Presented by Dalton C.
Eli Lilly and Company
A49. A Novel Next Generation Sequencing Process for the Identification and Analysis of Aberrant mRNA Splicing in CHO Cell Lines Transfected with Human Antibody Sequences; Presented by Jayd H.
GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB
A50. A CRISPR/Cas9 Based Engineering Strategy for Overexpression of Multiple Genes in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells; Presented by Andreas J.
Sutro Biopharma
A51. A Novel, Cell-Free-Based Screening Workflow for the Rapid Discovery and Characterization of Antibody Therapeutics; Presented by Stephanie A.


TS10A: Fundamentals of Proteins and Protein Solutions

Applied Photophysics, Inc.
A52. HOS Biosimilarity and Comparability: Objective, Quantifiable HOS Comparisons: A Biosimilar Case Study Utilizing Circular Dichroism; Presented by Darek S.


Additional Posters

Creoptix, Inc.
A53. Label-Free Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis in Complex Media by Grating-Coupled Interferometry (GCI); Presented by Jake I.
Protein Dynamic Solutions
A54. Structural Analysis of Four Drug Homologs/Biosimilars: Array-Based Elucidation of Molecular Stability and Higher Order Structure; Presented by Selena L.



Presenting Tuesday (afternoon) through Wednesday

1B: Computational and Analytical Tools for Protein Engineering

Dankook University
B1. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Protein Aggregation and Assembly; Presented by Hwankyu L.
ImmunXperts SA
B2. T Cell Epitopes and Host Cell Proteins in Antibody-Based Therapeutics: The Combined Use of In Silico Tools, Mass Spectrometry Analysis and In Vitro Assays to Assess the Immunogenicity Risk; Presented by Sofie P.
Nanome, Inc.
B4. Nanome: Next Generation Molecular Visualization, Collaboration, and Design; Presented by Steve M.
National Research Council Canada
B5. Binding Kinetics of Two Single-Domain Antibodies for the IgL2 Domain of Human Axl Studied by 2D Heteronuclear NMR Spectroscop; Presented by Feng N.
National Research Council Canada
B6. Defining Linear Epitopes in an Intrinsically-Unfolded Protein Using High-Resolution NMR and Yeast Surface Display; Presented by Feng N.
Seoul National University
B7. The Versatility of Framework Regions of Chicken VH and VL to Mutations; Presented by Jerome H.*
Synbio Technologies
B8. DNA Solutions to Antibody Discovery; Presented by Xiaohui C.
Visterra, Inc.
B9. Structure Guided Optimization of Antibody Fc and Fab Domains for Improved Pharmacokinetic Properties; Presented by Brian B.


TS2B: Next-Generation Approaches to Antibody Screening and Discovery

AbCellera Biologics, Inc.
B10. Unlocking Challenging Targets: Deep Screening of Natural Immune Repertoires to Break Immunological Tolerance; Presented by Ester F.
Celemics, Inc.
B11. TrueRepertoire™: High-Fidelity NGS-Based Antibody Sequencing and Repertoire Analysis; Presented by Yushin J.
Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology IZI
B12. The Immunome of Soybean Allergy: Comprehensive Identification and Characterization of Epitopes; Presented by Michael S.
Kangwon National University
B13. Cancer Specific Novel Targets and Their Antibody for Immunotherapy; Presented by Jung Hyeon L.*
Promega Corporation
B14. NanoBiT Homogeneous Immunoassay: A Simple, Sensitive, and Rapid Method for Analyte Detection Using Luminescent Signal; Presented by Nidhi N.
University of Mainz
B15. Targeting the Tumor Vasculature with Engineered Cystine-Knot Miniproteins; Presented by Bonny L.*


3B: Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Ajinomoto Bio-Pharma Services
B16. Gram-Scale ADC Synthesis Based on AJICAP™ Technology: A Novel Site-Selective Chemical Conjugation Method; Presented by Yutaka M.
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
B17. Development of a Novel Chemical Site-Specific Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Conjugation Platform; Presented by Tatsuya O.
Ajou University
B18. Development of a Peptide-Directed Photocrosslinking Reaction for Site-Specific Conjugation of Immunoglobulin G; Presented by Jisoo P.
Vector Laboratories
B19. A New IHC Technology for Tissue Cross Reactivity Screening of Humanized Antibodies in Human Tissue; Presented by Pamela J.


4B: Lyophilization and Emerging Drying Technologies

Biopharma Technology LLC
B20. Quantification of the Physical Robustness of Lyophilized Biotherapeutics; Presented by Charles H.
Lyophilization Technology, Inc.
B21. Differences in Sublimation Rates and Relative Partial Pressures Measured by a Residual Gas Analyzer; Presented by Samantha S.
University of Connecticut, Storrs
B22. Raman Spectral Changes in Lyophilized Proteins for Screening Formulation Stability Rank Order; Presented by Lauren F.
University of Connecticut, Storrs
B23. Implications of Freezing Protocol and Primary Drying Conditions on Porous Structure of Lyophilized Formulations Containing Highly Concentrated Proteins; Presented by Shreya K.*
University of Connecticut, Storrs
B24. Effect of Freeze-Thaw Process Parameters on Stability of Lactate Dehydrogenase; Presented by Bruna M.*


PIPELINE: Analytics & Impurities
5B: Detection and Characterization of Particulates and Impurities

Alexion Pharmaceuticals
B25. Specifics of Sub-Visible Particulates Evaluation for Ultra High Concentration Monoclonal Antibody Formulations; Presented by Nidia G.
Caprion Biosciences Inc.
B26. MS-Based HCP Identification and Quantitation for Drug Substance Analysis; Presented by Stéphane P.
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.
B27. Flowcam® Nano Provides Counts, Sizes, and Images of Nano- and Microparticles: Application to a Therapeutic Protein Pumping Study; Presented by Dave H.
Genedata, Inc.
B28. Automated Data Processing and Analysis for Quality Monitoring of Biotherapeutics by Multi-Attribute Method (MAM); Presented by Maurizio B.
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
B29. Biosensing for Quality Control Monitoring of the Structural Integrity of Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Hideki W.
US Pharmacopeia
B30. Comparison of Two Compendial Methods for Determining Higher Molecular Weight Proteins in Insulin Glargine; Presented by Amy L.


6B: Protein Purification and Recovery

GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB
B31. High Throughput Downstream Processing Using Cellulose Fibre Technology and ÄKTA™ Chromatography Systems; Presented by Emma L.
GenScript USA, Inc.
B32. Novel Solutions for HTP Antibody Purification Using Magnetic Beads; Presented by Jyoti K.
Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems (IMCS)
B33. Integrated Protein Purification and Analysis Workflows on Hamilton STAR for High Throughput Processes; Presented by Andrew L.
Kaneka US Innovation Center
B34. Platform Process for Antibody Fragments Using Cellulose Based Affinity Chromatography Resins; Presented by Harkewal S.
Kempbio, Inc.
B35. A Comparison of Three Prepacked Protein A Columns for Use in Screening Productivity and Protein Characteristics in a Group of Murine Recombinant IgG Constructs; Presented by Christopher K.
KU Leuven
B36. Phage Cryogels: New Opportunities for Affinity Chromatography; Presented by Wim N.
Porton Biopharma Ltd.
B37. Challenges in Development and Scale-Up of a Legacy Process; Presented by Jamie C.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
B38. Accelerating Antibody Drug Development with Subdomain-Specific Affinity Ligands; Presented by Bruce D.
Thomson Instrument Company
B39. Next Step: Harvesting Antibody Culture in < 30 Minutes with the Rapid Clear® Cap and Optimum Growth™ Flasks; Presented by Sam E.


PIPELINE: Biotherapeutic Expression & Production
7B: Recombinant Protein Expression and Production

Avacta Life Sciences
B40. Development and Validation of Affimer-Based Adalimumab-TNFa Complex Specific Reagents; Presented by Matt J.
Avacta Life Sciences
B41. Affimer Anti-Idiotypic Binders: Critical Reagents for Clinical Ligand Binding Assays; Presented by James N.
Center for Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics
B42. High Yield Transient Production of Antibody and Protein Products with the Quality Required for Use in Preclinical Program Development; Presented by Sarah B.
Columbus NanoWorks, Inc.
B43. Enzymatic Attachment of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) to Red Fluorescent Nanodiamonds: A Demonstration of a Split-Intein Conjugation Platform; Presented by Arfaan R.
F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG
B44. MultiDrosi – A New Tool for Multigene Applications in S2 Insect Cells; Presented by Christian M.
GenScript USA, Inc.
B45. A Novel Endotoxin-Free Microbial Recombinant Protein Expression System: Solutions for Difficult Proteins; Presented by Bowu L.
Icosagen Technologies, Inc.
B46. Stable Episomal Expression System in CHO Cells to Accelerate Non-GMP Production of Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Mart R.
National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute
B47. High Yield Expression, Purification and Characterization of N-Myristoylated Human Arf1; Presented by Jess L.
B48. Addressing Large-Manufacturing of Clinical Grade Viral Vectors Using an Optimized PEI-Based Transfection Process; Presented by Julien D.
B49. Optimization of 2G UNic™ Technology for Increased Production of Difficult to Express Proteins in CHO GS-/- Cells; Presented by Maurice V.
Proteros Biostructures GmbH
B50. Protein Production, Kinetic Profiling and X-Ray Crystallography for Biologicals Versus Small Molecules During Early Drug Discovery - Similarities and Differences; Presented by Thorsten H.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
B51. Strategies for High-Titer Protein Expression Using the ExpiCHO and Expi293 Transient Expression Systems; Presented by Chao Yan L.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
B52. ExpiSf: A Chemically-Defined Baculovirus-Based Expression System for Enhanced Protein Production in Sf9 Cells; Presented by Maya Y.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
B53. Expi293 Transient Expression System: New Tools for Structural Biology and Difficult to Express Proteins; Presented by Jonathan Z.
University of Georgia
B54. Course Based Research Experiences for Training Enhancement in Bioprocess Science; Presented by David B.


8B: Advances in Vector Production and Scale-Up for Cell and Gene Therapy

GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB
B55. A Scalable Adenovirus Production Process, from Cell Culture to Purified Bulk; Presented by Mats L.


TS10B: Introduction to Biologics Formulation Development

Applied Photophysics, Inc.
B56. Emerging Technology for HOS Evaluation: More than α-Helix and -Sheet: Expanding the Role of Circular Dichroism; Presented by Rajib A.


Additional Posters

Fusion Antibodies Ltd.
B57. Affinity Maturation of an Anti-Cathepsin S Antibody Using a Rational Library Design Approach; Presented by John M.
Bio-Rad Laboratories
B58. Acidic IgM Purification with the Strong Anion Exchanger Resin; Presented by Payal K.
B59. Jetting, a New Technology for Manufacturing Agarose Beads with a Very Narrow Particle Size Distribution; Presented by Caroline T.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
B60. C-Tag Affinity Tag, from Routine Protein Purification to Use in a cGMP Production Process; Presented by Cole D. and Wendy C.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
B61. Innovative Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography (HIC) Resins for Next Generation Molecule Challenges; Presented by Cole D. and Wendy C.



Presenting Thursday

1C: Deep Sequencing and Single Cell Analysis for Antibody Discovery

AbCellera Biologics, Inc.
C1. Single B Cell Screening: A Versatile, High-Throughput Single Cell Screening Platform for the Discovery of Fully Human Antibodies from Natural Immune Repertoires; Presented by Ester F.
Abwiz Bio
C2. Antibody Affinity Maturation by STEAM Technology and Next-Generation Wizamp Antibody Discovery Platform for Mouse and Rabbit mAbs; Presented by Kevin E.
MOGAM Institute for Biomedical Research
C3. Generation of Anti-RSV Antibody from Human B-Cell Repertoire Based on Deep-Sequencing; Presented by Hye-Ji C.
University of California, Irvine
C4. Functional Immunotherapeutic Screening Using Single-Cell Droplet Microfluidics; Presented by Aude S.


2C: Bispecific Antibody Therapeutics

GE Healthcare
C5. Development of a Single-Step, Protein a Chromatography Process for Bispecific Antibodies in Early Screening; Presented by Felix S.
GenScript USA, Inc.
C6. SMAB (Single-Domain Antibody Fused to Monoclonal Antibody) Bispecifics: Achieve Blockbuster Antibody Standards in Next Generation Therapeutics; Presented by Timothy X.
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH
C7. TCER® - Development of an Optimized Scaffold for Bispecific T Cell Receptor Therapeutics; Presented by MartinH.
Immunocore Ltd.
C8. Accelerated Antibody Discovery - A High Content Approach to Developing Diagnostic Antibodies; Presented by Mingkui Z.
Kangwon National University
C9. Multispecific Multivalent Antibody Development Against Antibiotic-Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhoeae; Presented by Yeojin J.*


3C: Protein Aggregation and Emerging Analytical Tools

Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd.
C10. Identification of Degradation Pathways of Polysorbates in Typical Formulation Buffers; Presented by Yumi T.
Lyophilization Technology, Inc.
C11. Particle Formation of a Freeze-Dried Monoclonal Antibody; Presented by Samantha S.
Postnova Analytics, Inc.
C12. Characterization of Tau Protein Aggregates with AF4-UV-MALS-DLS; Presented by Robert R.
Spheryx, Inc.
C13. Characterizing, Differentiating and Counting Sub-Visible Protein Aggregates with Holographic Video Microscopy; Presented by Laura P.
Wyatt Technologies
C14. Aggregate Analyses by Light Scattering - Complementary and Orthogonal; Presented by Jeffrey A.


4C: Higher-Throughput Protein Production and Characterization

Amgen, Inc.
C15. Semi-Automated Medium Scale High Throughput Magnetic Bead Purification; Presented by Vivian L.
Eli Lilly and Company
C16. An Automated and High-Throughput, One-Step Transient to Stable Cell Line Generation Process Utilizing the PiggyBac Transposon Element; Presented by Marissa P.
GE Healthcare
C17. Biacore™ 8K+ for Concentration Analysis with Throughput and Precision; Presented by Cynthia S.
C18. High Throughput Expression to Enable NextGen Structure; Presented by Jane Z.
C19. Opus RoboColumn Lifetime Studies, Failure Modes, and Lifetime Extension Methods to Enable Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes; Presented by Briana B.
Ohio State University
C20. Increasing Controllability for Split Intein Mediated Purification Process: High-Throughput Characterization Using FRET; Presented by Yamin F.*
Ohio State University
C21. Intein-Mediated Affinity Capture: A Novel Platform Enabling Rapid Prototyping and Characterization of Discovery-Phase Biologics by Single-Column Purification and Integrated Tag Removal; Presented by Joseph T.*
Takara Bio USA, Inc.
C22. Rapid Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies: Capturem High-Capacity Membranes; Presented by Gia J.


5C: Optimizing Expression Platforms

Catholic University of Daegu
C23. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) Vector-Mediated Generation of Transgenic Chicken Eggs Containing Human Erythropoietin (hEPO); Presented by Teoan K.
Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology (IME)
C24. Recombinant Production of the Toxic Anti-Cancer Lectin Viscumin in Tobacco Plants and Microbial Cells: A Comparative Analysis of Yield, Process Costs and Toxicity; Presented by Johannes B.
Merck & Co., Inc.
C25. Implementing an Automated Platform for Cell Line Development; Presented by Xiaoyan T.
C26. Advanced CHO Cell Expression System for Increased Transient Protein Production; Presented by Géraldine G.
Scripps Research Institute
C27. Mammalian Semi-Synthetic Organisms for the Production of Proteins with Non-Canonical Amino Acids; Presented by Sydney M.*


9BC: CHO Cell Lines

Chromocenter, Inc.
C28. Multi-Color FISH and FISH Analysis is a Powerful Tool for Clonality Assurance of a CHO Cell Bank; Presented by Seiji Y.


6C: Microbial Production

Kaneka Corporation
C29. Protein Production in Pichia Multi-Copy Platform; Presented by Tozo N.
National Research Council Canada
C30. A Specific Cleavage System for Ubiquitin-Like Fusion Proteins Produced in E. coli; Presented by Melanie A.

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