2022 Poster Presentations Coming Soon.

2021 Virtual Posters:

P01: Beyond α-Helix and β-Sheet: Expanding the Role of Circular Dichroism, Presented by Pavel P., Applied Photophysics, Inc.

P02: Predicting Protein-Protein Binding Sites and Epitope Mapping, Presented by Andrew H., Chemical Computing Group

P03: Creating Focused Libraries for Protein Engineering, Presented by Nels T., Chemical Computing Group

P04: New Mid-IR Liquid Flow Analyzer for Rapid Protein Characterization, Presented by Craig M., DRS Daylight Solutions

P05: High Density (HD) Expression Platform, the One Stop Solution for Recombinant Antibody Production at GenScript, Presented by Bowu L., GenScript USA, Inc.

P06: Novel Solutions for High Throughput Antibody Purification Using Magnetic Beads Platform, Presented by Nishant S., GenScript USA, Inc.

P07: Parallel Impurity Analysis Using Microfluidic Immunoassays for Streamlining Bioprocess Workflows, Presented by Robert D., Gyros Protein Technologies

P08: Accelerating Viral Vector Bioanalysis Using Microfluidic, Nanoliter-Scale AAV and LV Titer Immunoassays, Presented by Germana S., Gyros Protein Technologies

P09: High Throughput, Low Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis of Adeno-Associated Viruses, Presented by Bernardo C., Halo Labs

P10: Protein or Not? Advanced Subvisible Particle Characterization with Fluorescent ID, Presented by Bernardo C., Halo Labs

P11: One-Step Automated Protein Purification Using Dispersive Solid-Phase Extraction (dSPE), Presented by Anusha C., Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, Inc. (IMCS)

P12: ALiCE®: Fast and Scalable Protein Expression to Accelerate Research, Presented by Sancha S., LenioBio GmbH

P13: A Broad-Specificity O-Glycoprotease Enables Improved LC-MS Analysis of Glycoproteins and Glycopeptides Containing Intact Complex O-Glycans, Presented by Saulius V., New England Biolabs, Inc.

P14: Enzymatically Degradable Poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) Derivatives for Suppressing Cellular Accumulation, Presented by Kazuki O., NOF Corporation

P15: Temperature Downshift Enhances Virus-Like Particles Production in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cell Culture, Presented by Thao Bich N., Osaka University

P16: Developing Reliable AAV Standards for ELISA, Presented by Dana H., Progen Biotechnik GmbH

P17: Comprehensive Characterization of Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors (AAVs) on a Single Platform, Presented by Hans D., SCIEX

P18: Comprehensive Characterization of Multi-Specific Therapeutics Using Peptide Mapping and Subunit Analysis, Presented by Hans D., SCIEX

P19: Purity Assessment of Adeno Associated Viruses by Capillary Electrophoresis Using UV or LIF Detection Strategies, Presented by Hans D., SCIEX

P20: Subunit Charge Variants Characterization in Native State: A Case Study with Adalimumab, Presented by Hans D., SCIEX

P21: A Spectrum of Oligo Synthesis Platforms, Presented by Mary B., Synbio Technologies

P22: Metabolic Pathway Synthesis to Gain Insight into Complex Cellular Behavior, Presented by Arizza I., Synbio Technologies

P23: SynoAb: Computer-Aided De Novo Antibody Design and Discovery, Presented by Hun L., Synbio Technologies

P24: DNA Solutions to Directed Evolutions; Take "Re" Out of Research, Presented by Livia L., Synbio Technologies

P25: Particle Characterization and Identification with Hound, Presented by Joe B., Unchained Labs

P26: Automate Buffer Exchange to Fast Track Formulation Development and Optimization, Presented by Donna C., Unchained Labs

P27: Know Your AAV Inside Out with Empty/Full and Capsid Titer on Stunner, Presented by Nelis D., Unchained Labs

P28: Take Low Volume Protein Quantification Anywhere with Performance Verification on Big Lunatic, Presented by Nelis D., Unchained Labs

P29: AAV Genome Ejection, Capsid Stability, Aggregation, and Titer with High-Throughput Screening on Uncle, Presented by Kevin L., Unchained Labs

P30: Development of a Novel Lectin-Fc Fusion Targeting Cancer-Associated Oligomannose Glycans, Presented by Matthew D., University of Louisville

P31: Structural Changes of Membrane-Active Peptides upon Interactions with Micelles, Liposomes and Bacteria, Presented by Monika W., University of Warsaw

P32: Novel Excipient for Stabilization of Biologic Formulations, Presented by Hadi F., DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences

P33: Antibody Purification in Minutes, Presented by Jinxiang Z., Purilogics™, LLC

P34: Rapid mRNA Purification Using Novel Membrane Adsorbers, Presented by Jinxiang Z., Purilogics™, LLC