2021 Poster Presentations coming in December.



Poster Presenters noted with * are Student Fellows.

Presenting Monday and Tuesday (morning)

AbCellera Biologics, Inc.
1A.      The Best of Both Worlds: Bulk Repertoire Sequencing with Single Cell Function; Presented by Kevin H.
Abion, Inc.
2A.      The Development of a Glycoengineered Human Interferon Beta Mutein (ABN101); Presented by Na Young K.
Abion, Inc.
3A.      Development of Botulinum Neurotoxin Serotype E DNA Vaccine and Application of DNA Vaccine Platform Technology for Infectious Diseases; Presented by Su Jin L.
Albumedix Ltd.
4A.      Hard-to-Stabilize Biologics: Recombinant Human Albumin as an Effective Approach - Glucagon Case Study; Presented by Eleonara C.
Applied Photophysics
5A.      Sensitive Circular Dichroism Analysis of Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Darek S.
6A.      Machine Learning for Predictive Antibody Design and Humanization; Presented by Claes G.
Charles River Laboratories
7A.      Osmolyte-Specific Effects on Fc Protein Structure as Measured by Quantitative Circular Dichroism; Presented by Christopher S.
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
8A.      Drug Discovery Using Bispecific and Asymmetric Antibody Technology; Presented by Meiri S.
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
9A.      Drug Discovery Using Recycling and Sweeping Antibody Technology; Presented by Meiri S.
Croda, Inc.
10A.    Lipase Induced Degradation of Polysorbates in Solution; Presented by Stephen R.
DRS Daylight Solutions, Inc.
11A.    New Mid-IR Liquid Flow Analyzer for Rapid Protein Characterization; Presented by Craig M.
Dublin City University
12A.    Improving Potato Virus Y Detection Through the Use of Antibody Technology and Recombinant Protein Engineering; Presented by Arabelle C.*
DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences
13A.    Fast Dynamic Surfactant Reduces Aggregation of Biologics; Presented by Susan J.
Eisai Co., Ltd.
14A.    Combinational Analysis of Antibody Epitope and Avidity by HDX-MS and SPR; Presented by Emiko Y.
GE Healthcare
15A.    Epitope Binning Analysis for Further Differentiation of Therapeutic Antibodies and Diagnostic Reagents; Presented by Cynthia S.
GE Healthcare Life Sciences
16A.    Comparison of Three Different Screening Techniques for Predicting Step Elution Conditions for a Cation Exchanger; Presented by Felix S.
Genedata AG
17A.    Industrializing Immuno-Oncology Therapeutic Discovery Platforms; Presented by Sebastian K.
Genedata, Inc.
18A.    Integrated Sample and Data Management for Micro-Bioreactor Experiments; Presented by Chris S.
Glycotope GmbH
19A.    Changing Perspectives: Protein Analyses on Multiple Levels; Presented by Poster P.
Gyros Protein Technologies
20A.    Affinity and Kinetic Characterization of Therapeutic Antibody Interactions In-Solution Using Multicurve Analysis with Gyrolab® Systems; Presented by Robert D.
iOmx Therapeutics AG
21A.    Inhibition of IGSF11 Mediates Efficient Tumor Cell Lysis In Vitro and In Vivo; Presented by Joerg R.
KBIO - Osong Medical Innovation Foundation
22A.    Monoclonal Antibody Targeting Autocatalytic Loop of Prss14/ST14 Membrane Serine Protease as a New Therapeutic Candidate of Metastatic Breast Cancer; Presented by Sora P.
Keck Graduate Institute
23A.    Impact of Eliminating Fc N-Linked Glycosylation on the Plasma Pharmacokinetics of a Transferrin Receptor Antibody-Erythropoietin Fusion Protein Following Extravascular Administration in Mice; Presented by Joshua Y.*
Korea Basic Science Institute
24A.    Precise Identification of Site-Specific N- and O-Glycoproteins with GlycoProteome Analyzer (GPA); Presented by Gun Wook P.
Lek, d.d.
25A.    Automatically Merging On-Line Bioprocess Data with Off-Line Analytics; Presented by Igor D.
Merck & Co., Inc.
26A.    Biophysical and Biomolecular NMR Evaluation Identifies RIG-I Conformational Change Is Controlled by 5' Modification of Agonist RNAs; Presented by Yan H.
MOGAM Institute for Biomedical Research
27A.    A Novel Immune Checkpoint Blockade Targeting CEACAM1 for Cancer Therapy; Presented by MiYoung O.
National Cheng Kung University
28A.    Assessing the Similarity Between Random Copolymer Drug Glatiramer Acetate by Using LC-MS Data Coupling with Hypothesis Testing; Presented by Pao-Chi L.
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
29A.    Predicting Antibody Affinity Changes upon Mutations by Combining Multiple Predictors; Presented by Yoichi K.
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
30A.    Developing a Sequence Design Method for Increasing the Expression of Recombinant Proteins in Actinobacteria; Presented by Naoyuki T.
National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute
31A.    Engineering the Bispecific Immunotoxins Targeting Glypican-1 and Mesothlin for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment; Presented by Jiajia P.*
Neofluidics LLC
32A.    Effect of Protein Adsorption on Low-Volume, Multiplexed Viscosity Measurements; Presented by Lisa L.
NeoProteomics, Inc.
33A.    High-Resolution Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting Introduction and Workflow; Presented by John S.
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
34A.    A Comparison of Functional Assays to Measure Lipoprotein Lipase Activity; Presented by Kevin G.
Phenomenex, Inc.
35A.    Cation Exchange Chromatography Particle Development and Application in Charge Variant Analysis; Presented by Chad E.
Promega Corporation
36A.    Quantitative Cell-Based Bioassays to Advance Immunotherapy Programs Targeting Immune Checkpoint Receptors; Presented by Steven E.
RedShift BioAnalytics, Inc.
37A.    Pressure-Perturbation of Protein Secondary Structure Coupled with Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy – A Powerful Platform for Biopharmaceutical Formulations Development; Presented by Matthew M.
RubrYc Therapeutics
38A.    Epitope-Selective Antibody Discovery; Presented by Phung Tu G.
Sao Paulo State University
39A.    Bioinformatics Tools to Elucidated Structure in Milk Proteins; Presented by Dielson V.*
40A.    Native State Charge Variant Analysis of Commercialized Monoclonal Antibodies; Presented by Peter H.
Seoul National University
41A.    The Versatility of Framework Regions of Chicken VH and VL to Mutations; Presented by Jerome H.*
TechnoPharmaSphere LLC
42A.    Orthogonal Characterization of AAV Samples by Simultaneous Monitoring of Multiple Analytical Parameters During Chromatography; Presented by Wasfi A.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
43A.    C-tag Affinity Tag, from Routine Protein Purification to Use in a cGMP Production Process; Presented by Cole D.
Thomson Instrument Company
44A.    Scalable Mid to Large Scale Cell Growth, Purification and Transfer Options from 500mL Flasks to 5L Flasks; Presented by Mark R.
Unchained Labs
45A.    Automate Buffer Exchange to Fast Track Formulation Development and Optimization; Presented by Joe B.
University of Texas at Austin
46A.    Invasin Decoration Enhanced Microparticle Transport for Effective Oral Vaccine; Presented by Yimin H.*
US Pharmacopeia
47A.    Development of Standards for Cation Exchange Chromatography Column Qualification; Presented by Amy L.
Wyatt Technology Corporation
48A.    Characterization of Multivalent Interactions by CG-MALS: Direct Measurement of Cooperativity and Avidity; Presented by Kevin M.
Wyatt Technology Corporation
49A.    Insulin Oligomers: Characterization of Self-Association by SEC-MALS and CG-MALS; Presented by Kevin M.
Yonsei University
50A.    The Vascular Leakage Blocker Sac-1004 Alleviates DSS-Induced Colitis; Presented by Yeseul K.*
Yonsei University
51A.    Repositioning FDA-Approved Antimalarial Drug, Compound 37 as a New Vascular Leakage Blocker; Presented by Minyoung N.*
Yonsei University
52A.    Sac-1004 as a Vascular Leakage Blocker Enhances Therapeutic Efficacy of Immune Checkpoint Blockade in TME; Presented by Songyi P.*
Yonsei University
53A.    MicroRNA-148a/b-3p Regulates Angiogenesis by Targeting Neuropilin-1 in Endothelial Cells; Presented by Hyejeong K.*
Yonsei University
54A.    Deficiency of CLEC14A Aggravates Blood-Brain Barrier Disruption After Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury; Presented by Sunghye L.*
FIDA-Tech Aps
55A. Protein Liposome Binding Using the FIDA Technology: A New Approach for Membrane Protein Interactions; Presented by Henrik J.
GenScript Corporation, Inc.
56A. Biologics and Viral Vectors for IND Application: CMC Platform by GenScript; Presented by Leon S.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
57A. High-Throughput and Chromatography Coupled Solution Scattering (SAXS) Opportunities for Rapid Macromolecular Characterization; Presented by Gregory H.
Catholic University of Korea
58A. Identification and Characterization of a Novel Cellular Transduction Domain of HIV NCp7 Protein; Presented by Ji-Chang Y.
PhyNexus, Inc.
59A. Automated Plasmid Prep and Optimized Protein Separation Using PhyTip Columns; Presented by Jonathon G.
Halo Labs
60A. Automated, Low-Volume Subvisible Particle Analysis with the HORIZON® System; Presented by Renee T.
61A. Rapid Assembly of Synthetic DNA Libraries for Protein Engineering and Generating Antibody Diversity; Presented by Bonnie K.


Presenting Tuesday (afternoon) and Wednesday

1B.      Functionalized Nonwoven Enables Problematic Host Cell Protein Removal During Downstream Bioprocessing of Monoclonal Antibodies; Presented by Sean A.
2B.      DNA Impurity Removal at the Clarification Stage Is the Key to mAb Purification Process Efficiency Improvement; Presented by Ashley L.
AbCellera Biologics, Inc.
3B.      P3 Pandemic Prevention Platform: From Rapid Discovery to Field-Ready Pandemic Countermeasures in 60 Days; Presented by Marta S.
Abion, Inc.
4B.      Development of Large Scale Production Process of a Novel Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B Vaccine Candidate; Presented by Norae Y.
Absolute Antibody Ltd.
5B.      Prometheus™: A Novel Approach for Engineering Manufacturable Humanized Antibodies; Presented by Ian W.
Absolute Antibody Ltd.
6B.      Fully Murine Knob-into-Hole Bispecific as Surrogate Molecule for Drug Development Models; Presented by Ian W.
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
7B.      Introduction of Second Generation AJICAPT Technology: Expansion of Chemical Site-Specific Conjugation Capabilities; Presented by Tatsuya O.
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
8B.      Comparative Approaches for the Analysis of a Site-Specific ADC Produced by AJICAPT Technology; Presented by Natsuki S.
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
9B.      Production of Biopharmaceutical Proteins by Talaromyces Cellulolyticus; Presented by Yoshihiro U.
Ajou University
10B.    A Plate-Based Method to Detect the Cellular Internalization of Antibodies; Presented by Youngsil S.*
Ajou University
11B.    Antigen-Binding Affinity and Thermostability Of Chimeric Mouse-Chicken IgY and Mouse-Human IgG Antibodies with Identical Variable Domains; Presented by Juho C.*
Ajou University
12B.    Applications of the Immunoglobulin Cw Fragment (IgCw) Composed of the Constant Regions of Heavy and Light (CH and CL) Chains; Presented by Minjae K.*
13B.    Understanding Sources of Assay Variability: The Key to Successful Assay Optimization; Presented by Nathaniel H.
14B.    Novel Transposase Tools for Cell-Line Development; Presented by Oren B.
15B.    The Strep-Tag System - One System to Cover All Steps from Purification to Immobilization Efficiently; Presented by Dennis K.
16B.    Novel Anti-CD20 Antibodies for Treating Autoimmune Disease; Presented by Alexey M.
Biopharma Technology LLC
17B.    Investigating the Effect of Glycerol on the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Model Biotherapeutic Formulations During Lyophilization and Its Effect on the Resulting Physical Robustness of Cakes; Presented by Charles H.
Bio-Rad Laboratories
18B.    A Hydrophobic AEX Resin Used in Bind-Elute and Flow-Through Purification Modes; Presented by Leala T.
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)
19B.    Rational Candidate Selection for Targeting the Oncogenic KRas G12D Isoform; Presented by Beate V.
Celemics, Inc.
20B.    High-Throughput Profiling of Integration Site of Viral Vector in the Host Genome Using Targeted Sequencing; Presented by Yushin J.
Compass Therapeutics LLC
21B.    The AffiCap: A New Streamlined Concept for Affinity Tagged Recombinant Protein Chromatography; Presented by William M.
Cytovance Biologics
22B.    Characterization of Low Molecular Weight Product-Related Impurity in a Manufactured Fc-Fusion Protein; Presented by Allison F.
Digital Proteomics LLC
23B.    Direct Analysis of the Llama Immune Response for VHH Discovery; Presented by Natalie C.
Eotvos University
24B.    Prefix- and Suffix Analysis of Parallel Beta Sheets in the PDB_Amyloid Collection; Presented by Vince G.
GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences AB
25B.    The Influence of Buffers on Protein Elution in Size Exclusion Chromatography; Presented by Jon L.
GE Healthcare Life Sciences
26B.    Protein A Fiber Chromatography Can Enhance Productivity from Research Through Manufacturing; Presented by Linnea T.
Genedata, Inc.
27B.    Achieving Operational Efficiency in Bioprocess Development; Presented by Adrienne C.
Gyros Protein Technologies
28B.    Boosting Impurity Detection Productivity Using New Immunoassay Kits for HCP Analysis and Gyrolab® Automated Systems; Presented by Germana S.
Icosagen Cell Factory OU
29B.    Stable Episomal Expression System in CHO Cells to Accelerate Non-GMP Production of Therapeutic Antibodies; Presented by Birgit V.
Korea Basic Science Institute
30B.    Machine Learning Model for Biosimilarity Evaluation of Antibody Drug Using Intact Glycoproteins Analysis by LC-MS; Presented by Heeyoun H.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
31B.    PNA-Mediated Radionuclide Pretargeting of Malignant Tumors; Presented by Kristina W.
Kyoto Institute of Technology
32B.    Design and Characterization of Chemical Ligands for Affinity Purification of Human Immunoglobulin G; Presented by Yoichi K.
Lindy Biosciences, Inc.
33B.    Microglassification to Enable Highly Concentrated Protein Particle Suspensions; Presented by John S.
Merck & Co., Inc.
34B.    In Vitro Translation: A Method to Evaluate RNA Activity in mRNA-Based Vaccines; Presented by Josef V.
Merck Sharp & Dohme
35B.    Efforts to Enhance the Expression of Functionally Active Membrane Proteins Using BacMam Expression System; Presented by Jennifer S.
MockV Solutions, Inc.
36B.    Predicting Viral Clearance: DOE, HTS and AAV Case Studies Utilizing a Non-Infectious MVM Surrogate During Downstream Development; Presented by David A. C.
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
37B.    Enhancing Enzyme Function with Molecular Dynamics Simulation; Presented by Jinzen I.
38B.    Detection of AAV Capsid Proteins by CE-SDS as an Alternative to Silver Stain SDS-PAGE; Presented by April B.
Pfizer, Inc.
39B.    Impact of Buffer Species and Stainless-Steel Contact on Polysorbate and Protein Stability; Presented by Hieu L.
40B.    Addressing Large-Scale Therapeutic Virus Production Using High Quality Grade PEI-Based Transfection Reagents; Presented by Mayra M.
Purolite Ltd.
41B.    Gotta Catch Em' All: mAb Purification Using an Innovative, High Capacity Protein A Resin in Batch and Continuous Processing; Presented by Sabrina K.
42B.    Simplification of Glycoprotein Characterization via Protein Production in Engineered Cell Line; Presented by David R.
Sartorius Stedim North America, Inc.
43B.    Development of an ADC Process with Single-Use Membrane Technology; Presented by Ian S.
Sartorius Stedim North America, Inc.
44B.    Advantages of Single-Use Crossflow Filtration in ADC Processes; Presented by Ian S.
45B.    Characterization of Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) Using Capillary Electrophoresis; Presented by Hans D.
Sysmex Corporation
46B.    Improving the Affinity of an Antibody by Introducing Charged Amino Acids into Framework Region 3; Presented by Tomofumi N.
Takara Bio USA, Inc.
47B.    Rapid Purification and Characterization of Recombinant Proteins and Antibodies: Capturem High-Capacity Membranes; Presented by Gia J.
Technological University Dublin
48B.    Utilizing Alginate Beads as a Protein Capturing Resin; Presented by Jamie S.*
TechnoPharmaSphere LLC
49B.    An Industrial Purification Paltform for AAV; Presented by Wasfi A.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
50B.    Accelerating Antibody Drug Development with Subdomain-Specific Affinity Ligands; Presented by Cole D.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
51B.    ExpiSf Expression System: A Chemically Defined Baculovirus-Based System for Enhanced Protein and Virus Production in Sf9 Cells; Presented by Kenneth T.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
52B.    Optimized Expression of Membrane Proteins in the Expi293 and ExpiCHO Expression Systems: New Tools for Difficult to Express Proteins; Presented by Arjen V.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
53B.    Accelerating Advancement in Gene Therapy by Improving Downstream Purification of Viral Vectors; Presented by Wendy C.
Thomson Instrument Company
54B.    Small Scale Cell Growth, Purification and Transfer Options from Plates to Flasks; Presented by Sam E.
TriAltus Bioscience, LLC
55B.    Purification of Cas9 at ~99% Purity in a Single Chromatographic Step; Presented by Naomi L.
U1 University
56B.    High Yield Peptide Expression and Purification for Teriparatide Biosimilar; Presented by Yun-Jung K.*
UBE Industries, Ltd.
57B.    Continuous Protein, Virus and Exosome Production by Porous Polyimide Membrane Module; Presented by Masahiko H.
Unchained Labs
58B.    The New Hound: Three Lasers to ID It All; Presented by Robin S.
University of California, Davis
59B.    Characterization of a Novel 40S Ribosomal Subunit Binding Domain on the Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 4B (eIF4B); Presented by Katherine B.*
University of Glasgow
60B.    Biogenesis of Silk Fibroin (Bombyx mori) Production in Bacteria; Presented by Chirapha B.
University of Queensland
61B.    A Flexible Purification Platform for Delivering Diverse High-Quality Proteins; Presented by Chris M.
University of Texas at Austin
62B.    A Different "ADC": Albumin-Drug Conjugates with Controlled Loading for Improved Antitumor Efficacy; Presented by Xinquan L.*
Visterra, Inc.
63B.    Monovalent IgGs as a Tool for Characterizing Antibody Binding and Function; Presented by Brian B.
Wyatt Technology Corporation
64B.    Advancements in AAV Characterization via Light Scattering, Measuring AAV Critical Quality Attributes; Presented by Anatolii P.
Wyatt Technology Corporation
65B.    Aggregation of Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Screening and Characterization Using Light Scattering; Presented by Michelle C.
Yonsei University
66B.    RNA Binding Affinity and Purification Properties of DPS Resulting from Intrinsically Disordered N-Terminus of the DPS; Presented by Yoontae J.*
Lindy Biosciences, Inc.
67B. A Novel and Rapid Dehydration Technology; Presented by Adam R.
Biocytogen Boston Corporation
68B. Rapid Therapeutic Antibody Development Using RenMab™ Mouse, a Fully Human Antibody Mouse; Presented by Yi Y.
National Research Council of Canada
69B. Generation and Characterization of Monoclonal Antibodies Against GPCRs; Presented by Julie L.
Halo Labs
70B. Automated, Low-Volume Subvisible AAV Aggregate Analysis with the HORIZON® System; Presented by Gabriel M.
71B. Rapid Development of Soluble, Highly Productive, Scalable Biomanufacturing Solutions for Complex Biologics in E. coli SoluPro®; Presented by Matthew W.
Premas Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
72B. Engineered Platform for Recombinant Expression of Difficult to Express Drug Target Proteins; Presented by Ruchir R.
Premas Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
73B. Engineered Platform for Recombinant Viral Vaccine Production; Presented by Ruchir R.
Amgen, Inc.
74B. Stability Assessment of Coformulated Antibody Mixtures; Presented by Brian S.


Presenting Thursday

AbCellera Biologics, Inc.
1C.      Tapping into Nature to Overcome Limits in Antibody Discovery Against Membrane Proteins; Presented by Kush D.
ABL Bio, Inc.
2C.      Summary of Phase 1A Dose Escalation Clinical Study Data for Dual Angiogenic Bispecific Antibody Targeting VEGF and DLL4 (ABL001/NOV1501/TR009) in Patients with Previously Treated Solid Tumors; Presented by Weon-Kyoo Y.
Amberstone Biosciences, Inc.
3C.      A Microfluidics-Based Platform to Identify Unique Therapeutic Antibodies by Functional Single Cell Screening; Presented by George W.
Applied Photophysics
4C.      More Than Just α-Helix and β-Sheet: Expanding the Role of Circular Dichroism; Presented by Ayal L.
Berkeley Lights, Inc.
5C.      Accelerated Discovery of Unique Anti-PD-L1 Antibodies from Spleen Versus Bone Marrow of Immunized Mice by Single Plasma B Cell Cloning on the Beacon® Platform; Presented by Anupam S.
Celemics, Inc.
6C.      TrueRepertoire™: High-Fidelity NGS-Based Antibody Sequencing and Repertoire Analysis; Presented by Yushin J.
Crescendo Biologics Ltd.
7C.      CB307 - A Tumour Dependent CD137/4-1BB Agonist Humabody Targeting PSMA-Positive Tumours; Presented by James L.
Digital Proteomics LLC
8C.      Deep Antibody Repertoire Sequencing of B Cells and Comparative Analysis Across Multiple Species; Presented by Natalie C.
Eli Lilly and Company
9C.      Optimization of an HTP Two-Step Antibody Purification Process and Robust Analytical Characterizations; Presented by Richard Y.
Genentech, Inc.
10C.    A High Throughput Approach to Construct Generation and Expression Screening for Recombinant Protein Production; Presented by Lynn M.
GenScript Corporation, Inc.
11C.    Novel Solutions for HTP Antibody Purification Using Magnetic Beads; Presented by Nishant S.
Glycotope GmbH
12C.    GlycoExpress®: An Alternative Host Cell for Difficult to Express Proteins; Presented by Lars S.
Invenra, Inc.
13C.    A Bispecific SNIPER™ Demonstrates Preclinical Efficacy Through the Selective Elimination of Tumor Tregs; Presented by Belinda W.
Janssen R&D, LLC
14C.    Evaluating Cell Settling Velocity; Presented by Danika R.
Malmo University
15C.    Dehydration Induced Structural Transition of Proteins and Its Thermal Stability in Solid/Semi Solid Formulation; Presented by Tuan P.
Maverick Therapeutics, Inc.
16C.    COBRA™: A Novel Conditionally Active Bispecific Antibody that Regresses Established Solid Tumors in Mice; Presented by Maia V.
MOGAM Institute for Biomedical Research
17C.    A Novel T-Cell Engaging Bispecific Antibody for the Treatment of Mesothelin-Positive Solid Tumors; Presented by Aerin Y.
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
18C.    Evaluation of the Protein Thermal Stability by Molecular Dynamics Simulation; Presented by Kaito K.
National Research University Higher School of Economics
19C.    An Unbiased Methodology for the Application of Machine Learning to Immune Repertoires in Epitope Prediction Task; Presented by Vadim N.
20C.    Development of an Advanced CHO Cell Expression System for Increased Transient Protein Production; Presented by Guillaume F.
21C.    Detection and Characterization of Antibody Aggregates by Light Scattering and Fluorescence; Presented by Cornelia Z.
Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH
22C.    High-Throughput Generation of Modular Gene Libraries for Optimization of Next-Generation Multi-Specific Biotherapeutics; Presented by Bjoern S.
Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry
23C.    Easy-to-Use R Package for Single-Cell Immune Repertoire Analysis; Presented by Vasily T.*
Spheryx, Inc.
24C.    Quantitative Differentiation of Protein Aggregates from Subvisible Contaminants in Viscous Mixtures Through Holographic Characterization; Presented by Laura P.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
25C.    Efficient Monoclonal Antibody Aggregate Removal by Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography; Presented by Allyson D.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
26C.    Streamlining the Biologics Development Process with the ExpiCHO and Expi293 Expression Systems; Presented by Chao Yan L.
Unchained Labs
27C.    Knock Out Protein Quantification and Quality in One Shot; Presented by Ross W.
University of Leeds
28C.    Assessing the Developability of Biopharmaceuticals In Vivo; Presented by Jessica E.
Wyatt Technology Corporation
29C.    High-Throughput Static and Dynamic Light Scattering for Characterization and Prediction of Protein Stability; Presented by Kevin M.
Wyatt Technology Corporation
30C.    Aggregate Analyses by Light Scattering: Complementary and Orthogonal Methods; Presented by Kevin M.
GenScript Corporation, Inc.
31C. SMAB (Single-Domain Antibody Fused to Monoclonal Antibody) Bispecific Antibody: From Rational Design to Preclinical Development; Presented by Sasidhar M.
GenScript Corporation, Inc.
32C. CMC Study of Viral Vector in CAR-T; Presented by Ben X.
Spectradyne LLC
33C. Submicron Protein Aggregation Measurements for Early Assessment of Formulation Instability; Presented by Lew B.
34C. Optimization of E. Coli Solupro® Using Synthetic Biology to Generate a Scalable, High-Yield Chassis Microbe; Presented by Matthew W.