2024 Poster Presentations Coming in December

Check back for an updated list of the titles to be presented in 2024.


Here's a reminder of the 2023 Poster Presentations:

Poster Session 1: Monday-Tuesday

101: Biophysical Characterizations Supporting Developability and Formulation Screens of Antibodies, Presented by Vera M., 2bind GmbH

102: Enabling Real-Time Process Control: Automated Glucose Feeding Based on Online Measurement, Presented by Nick R., 908 Devices

103: Selection and Evaluation of Ancillary Materials for Cell and Gene Therapy Research, Presented by Tracy Z., ACROBiosystems, Inc.

104: Human Single-Domain Antibody Library and Platform for Efficient Cell Therapy and Bispecific Discovery, Presented by Gary N., Alloy Therapeutics

105: Assessing Statistical Significance of Minor Changes in HOS Using CD - A New Approach, Presented by Janel D., Applied Photophysics

106: Applications of Computational Antibody Design in the Development for Non-Genotoxic Conditioning Regimens, Presented by Megan E., Beam Therapeutics

107: Novel Anti-CD84 Antibody and Its Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Presented by Miso P., Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope

108: Bioanalytical Characterization Through the Discovery Process: A Comparison of Higher Throughput and Late Discovery Detailed Characterization Methods, Presented by Lumelle S., Bristol Myers Squibb

109: Visualize Your Research – SPR for Protein Complex Formation Studies, Presented by Cynthia S., Cytiva

110: Analysis of Full and Empty AAV Capsid Ratio Using Capto™ Q in Less Than 5 Minutes, Presented by Nick W., Cytiva

111: Biophysical Characterization Approaches for Developability Assessment in Antibody Discovery, Presented by Teresa B., FairJourney Biologics

112: High Throughput Production and Characterization for Antibody Discovery Workflows, Presented by Mafalda C., FairJourney Biologics

113: Empowering Cell and Gene Therapies Development, Presented by Roumen B., GenScript USA

114: Empowering Antibody Drug Development, Presented by Amanda G., GenScript USA

115: Accelerating Viral Vector Bioanalysis Using Microfluidic, Nanoliter-Scale AAV and LV Titer Immunoassays, Presented by Jasmine S., Gyros Protein Technologies

116: Boosting Impurity Detection Productivity Using Immunoassay Kits for HCP Analysis and Gyrolab® Automated Systems, Presented by Jasmine S., Gyros Protein Technologies

117: Characterize mAb Stability from Cell Line Development Through Product Release with Aura, Presented by Dikran K., Halo Labs

118: In-Vivo Structural Analysis and Epitope Mapping of Membrane Proteins In-Solution with Amino-Acid Resolution and High-Throughput, Presented by Hetal M., Immuto Scientific

119: Development of Therapeutic Nanobodies Against Interleukin-6 Through Computational Design, Presented by SeongRyeong G., Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB)

120: mRNA Bridge Mimetics Technology for Disease-Specific Genome Modification, Presented by Seung Ja O., Kyung Hee University

121: Development of a ddPCR Based Relative Potency Assay for APB-102, Presented by Gretchen G., MassBiologics

122: Rapid Stable Pool Development for Early Detection of Protein Liabilities, Presented by Christine S., Merck & Co., Inc.

123: Tackling the Peptide Isomer Impurity Challenge with High-Resolution Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry, Presented by Amber J., MOBILion Systems, Inc.

124: Mosaic Biosciences' Yeast Display Antibody Platform Optimizes for Multiple Characteristics in Parallel, Presented by Eric F., Mosaic Biosciences

125: A Novel Image Cytometry Approach for Routine Antibody Detection, Fluorescent Protein Expression and Analysis of Cell Health, Presented by Henry Q., Nexcelom Bioscience, a PerkinElmer company

126: The Landscape of Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibodies (nAbs) for Treatment and Prevention of COVID-19 After 2 Years of the Pandemic, Presented by Aline A-O., Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz)

127: Expanding the Biophysical Toolbox for the Development of a Stable, 2-8C, AAV Formulation, Presented by Kelly W., Oxford Biomedica Solutions

128: High Speed and High Throughput CE-SDS Analysis with the Maurice Turbo CE-SDS Assay, Presented by Manisha P., ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand

129: New Protein A Resin for the Elution at High pH, Presented by Tony T., Purolite Ltd.

130: Age Related Changes in Clonally-Derived CHO Cells Are Driven by Population Drift, Presented by Jake L., Seagen

131: Suppression of MyD88- and TRIF-Dependent Signaling Pathways of TLRs by Epoxomicin, Presented by Hyung-Sun Y., SoonChunHyang University

132: CD47 Expression Is Required for CAR T Cell Persistence In Vivo, Presented by Alexandra B., St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

133: Development of HT Screening Assays to Identify Next Generation of Antibodies that Enable Receptor Recycling for Safer and Effective Therapeutics, Presented by Daniel B., Takeda Pharmaceuticals

134: TavoSelect VHO Discovery Platform, Presented by Mark C., Tavotek Biotherapeutics

135: Using Affinity Chromatography for the Purification of Lentiviral Particles, Presented by Cole D., Thermo Fisher Scientific

136: Accelerating Antibody Drug Development with Subdomain-Specific Affinity Chromatography, Presented by Cole D., Thermo Fisher Scientific

137: Scalable, High-Titer Production of Clinical Grade Adeno Associated Virus in the Gibco™ CTS™ AAV-MAX Helper-Free AAV Production System, Presented by Chao Yan L., Thermo Fisher Scientific

138: Accelerating Advancement in Gene Therapy by Improving Downstream Purification of Viral Vectors, Presented by Summer S., Thermo Fisher Scientific

139: Size Dependent Toxicity of Engineered Nanoparticle Immunoglobulin Corona in TNFα-Stimulated Endothelial Cells: A Model for Investigation of Protein Particle's Biological Effects, Presented by Wanida H., U.S. Food and Drug Administration

140: A High-Throughput Platform for Accurate In Vitro Determination of Antibody-Antigen Binding Affinities, Presented by Brian P., University of Colorado, Boulder

141: DropSynth Gene Synthesis of Human Proteome Antigens, Presented by Calin P., University of Oregon

142: Accelerating Clinical Impact Through Bulk Pool Based Platforms Supporting the Generation of Early Clinical Trial Materials, Presented by Michael B., Wheeler Bio, Inc.

143: Overcoming the Challenges in Asymmetric Bispecific Antibody Production by Using Quick’n Clean Platform, Presented by Jiansheng W., WuXi Biologics

144: Accelerating Early Drug Discovery Process with Vanilla Antibody Production Using 777 Platform, Presented by Jiansheng W., WuXi Biologics


Poster Session 2: Wednesday-Thursday

201: Strategies to Increase Recovery of Low Isoelectric Products During Chromatographic Clarification of mAb CHO Cell Cultures, Presented by Sean A., 3M

202: Comparative Investigations of Single-Use AEX Ligand Types for Removal of Common and Problematic Host Cell Proteins in Biopharmaceutical Purification, Presented by Christine H., 3M

203: ML-Guided Antibody Optimization of a SARS-CoV-2 Binding Antibody Enabled by AlphaSeq, Presented by Emily E., A-Alpha Bio

204: A New Anti-CLEC12A Antibody-Drug Conjugates with a Novel CBI Dimer Payload for AML, Presented by Suyoun L., ABL Bio, Inc.

205: Prometheus 2.0™: Engineering Manufacturable Humanized Antibodies from Diverse Sources Including Rabbit, Avian and Camelid Antibodies, Presented by Donmienne L., Absolute Antibody

206: Comparing Potential Bispecific Formats of Trastuzumab and a Humanized OKT3, Presented by Donmienne L., Absolute Antibody

207: Multi-Modal, Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza Discovered via High-Throughput Native Pairing of BCRs from Bulk B Cells, Presented by Gladys K., Adaptive Biotechnologies

208: Novel Format Conjugates and Multi-Specific Antibodies Produced by Chemical Site-Specific Conjugation: AJICAP®, Presented by Yutaka M., Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

209: ADC Therapeutic Window Enhancement Based on the Site-Specific Conjugation Platform: AJICAP Conjugation, Presented by Jason S., Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

210: From Peptides and Small Proteins to MAB, Ajinomoto's Proprietary Microbial Platform for Pharmaceutical Protein Production, Presented by Kazuo Y., Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

211: A Golden Gate Vector Set for Rapid Screening of Pichia pastoris Expression, Presented by Thomas C., BioGrammatics, Inc.

212: Automated Plasmid Prep and Optimized Protein Separation Using PhyTip Columns, Presented by Shadie N., Biotage

213: Optimizing AAV Full/Empty Separation Using Mechanistic Modeling, Presented by Thiemo H., Cytiva

214: Software-Implemented Workflows for Model-Based Downstream Process Development, Presented by Thiemo H., Cytiva

215: Similarity of the Immune Response at Epitope Level in Different Species in Vaccine Development, Presented by Michael S., Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology (IZI)

216: Select Your Expression Host Right! - A Comprehensive View on Biopharmaceutical Production in CHOnamite vs Human GEX Host Cell Lines, Presented by Vicky G., FyoniBio GmbH

217: A Stabilized HLA-B57 Open Format (IOS-1002) Binding to LILRB1, LILRB2 and KIR3DL1 Induces Potent Anti-Tumor Efficacy, Presented by Hilmar E., ImmunOs Therapeutics

218: In Vivo, Rapid Epitope and Paratope Mapping with Single Amino Acid Resolution, Presented by Faraz C., Immuto Scientific

219: Sensor-Integrated Proteome on Chip (SPOC): Multiplexed Kinetic Profiling of >500 Unique Protein Interactions on a Single Chip, Presented by Rebecca C., INanoBio

220: Cutting-Edge HCAb Harbour Mice® Platform to Generate Fully Human Heavy Chain Only AntibodiesPresented by Musheng B., Harbour BioMed

221: Downstream Process Intensification for AAV Using a Novel Impurity Removal Technology, Presented by Fuminori K., KANEKA Corporation

222: Protein Structure Tokenizer for Efficient Learning, Presented by Hyunkyu J., Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

223: Atline Monitoring of Novel Monoclonal Antibody Modalities: Beyond Traditional mAbs, Presented by Roger C., Lonza

224: A High Performing Easy-to-Use Media and Feed System for CHOK1SV GS-KO® Cell Lines-Based Product Manufacturing, Presented by Deirdre R., Lonza

225: Evaluation of Novel Surfactants for Stabilizing Biologics Formulations Against Aggregation, Presented by Lei P., Merck & Co., Inc.

226: Enzyme Modification Using Mutation Site Prediction Method for Enhancing the Regioselectivity of Substrate Reaction Sites (MSPER), Presented by Jinzen I., National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

227: Expression and Purification of OBP44a with the Aids of LC-MS and NMR, Presented by Yi H., National Institutes of Health, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

228: Improved Exosome Loading Enabled by an Optimized Contiguous Intein, Presented by Hongyu Y., Ohio State University

229: Technology Foresight for the Identification of New Targets, Opportunities, and Partnerships for Vaccines and Biotherapeutics in Plant-Based Platforms, Presented by Diana F., Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz)

230: Novel icIEF Fractionation Coupled with Different MS Systems for Rapid Charge Variant Characterization of Therapeutic Antibodies, Presented by Hadi M., ProteinSimple, a Bio-Techne brand

231: Engineered Follistatin Resistant Activin A, Presented by Luana F., Qkine Ltd.

232: Machine-Learning Guided Mutagenesis for Directed Evolution of Recombinant Proteins, Presented by Norio H., RevolKa Co., Ltd.

233: Metal-Mediated Protein Oligomerization Using a Genetic Code Expansion Technique, Presented by Sooin K., Sogang University

234: Multi-Specific cMet x EGFR x VEGF Antibody for Difficult to Treat Cancers, Presented by Mark C., Tavotek Biotherapeutics

235: Thermostable Raman Interaction Profiling (TRIP), Presented by Narangerel A., Texas A&M University

236: Setting Up an Effective Protein Expression Workflow, Presented by Matt M., Thermo Fisher Scientific

237: Advantage of Antibody Based Selectivity in the Purification of Biologics, Presented by Linda O., Thermo Fisher Scientific

238: High-Throughput Protein Production Enables Rapid Identification of Variants Exhibiting Desired Characteristics, Presented by Diana K., Tierra Biosciences

239: A Novel Analytical Column Using Adeno-Associated Virus Receptor (AAVR), Presented by Kouhei Y., Tosoh Corporation

240: A Unique Screening System to Develop E. coli Mutants for the Efficient Production of Difficult to Express Therapeutic Proteins, Presented by Kojiro I., Université catholique de Louvain

241: Large Scale Expression of Human Proteome Antigen Libraries in E. coli, Presented by Sayandeep G., University of Oregon

242: Development and Immunogenicity Efficacy Evaluation of a Novel SARS-CoV2 mRNA Vaccine Candidate, Presented by Hyun P., Wonkwang University

243: Drop In Replacement Study Comparing JSR Amsphere A3 and Platform Resin to Reduce the Supply Risk of Protein A Affinity ResinPresented by Masayoshi N., JSR Micro


Virtual Only

V1: A Modern Process Development Approach Implementing QbD Principles for CSL112 - Case Study "ApoA-I Refolding", Presented by Benjamin A., CSL Behring

V2: Strategies to Remove Single Cell Cloning from Genetic Knock Out Screens in Host Cell Line Engineering, Presented by Jannis M., Sartorius Stedim Cellca GmbH