Next-gen biopharmaceuticals are increasingly complex, including antibodies, bispecifics, ADCs, antibody fragments, vaccines, gene/cell therapies and beyond.  Thus, for protein production and purification it is imperative to aim for higher-throughput, to drive automation, and to leverage digital tools to increase productivity, and minimize time and cost. In the Process Technology & Innovation pipeline we bring together leaders from across biopharmaceutical process development to discuss challenges, showcase innovations, and share technical solutions. Attend to learn more.


January 16-17

Higher-Throughput Bioproduction

January 17-18

Training Seminar: Biomanufacturing 101: An Overview on Animal Cell Culture Technology from Cell Line Development to Scale-Up Strategies

January 19-20

Advanced Purification and Recovery

Keynote Presentations:

Steven M. CramerIn silico Facilitated Process Development of Orthogonally Selective Non-Protein A Processes for mAb Bioprocessing
Steven M. Cramer, PhD, William Weightman Walker Professor, Isermann Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

John K. KawooyaAdvances in Multi-Specific Antibody Purification
John K. Kawooya, PhD, Director, Biologics Optimization and Therapeutic Discovery, Amgen, Inc.

If you are working in the following areas join the PepTalk community: 

  • Advanced Automation Technologies
  • Biopharmaceutical Development
  • Biologics Process Design R&D
  • Bioprocess Science and Engineering
  • Bioprocess R&D
  • Biotechnology Discovery Research
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • High-Throughput Biologics
  • Innovation and Instrumentation
  • Process Development & Clinical Manufacturing
  • Process Development Analytics
  • Process Science
  • Process Technology & Innovation
  • Product Development & Manufacturing
  • Upstream & Downstream Development


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