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TUESDAY, JANUARY 15 | 5:45 - 8:45 PM
SC2: Structure-Based Optimization of Antibodies
Room: Aqua 314

CHI’s “Structure-Based Optimization of Antibodies” is a 3-hour lecture that offers a quick overview to the concepts, strategies and tools of structure-based optimization of antibodies. This lecture will cover structure-based techniques to modulate affinity, create novel constructs (such as Fc-fusions, bispecifics, …) along with increasing the manufacturability of a biologic. The class is directed at scientists new to the industry, academic scientists, and career protein engineers wanting a quick overview about how structure can aid in guiding experimental design.

Seminar Outline:

  • Basics of Structural Modeling

    • What is molecular modeling and where does it fit into drug discovery
    • Modelling 101

  • Affinity & Specificity

    • Examining interactions & predicting binding affinity/specificity
    • Introducing avidity

  • Engineering Therapeutic Constructs

    • Bispecific antibody engineering
    • Rational design of Fc-fusions proteins
    • ADC design

  • Modulation of Biological Functions

    • Pharmacokinetics
    • Immune effector functions

  • Structure-Based Developability Assessment

    • Protein Stability (Thermal, chemical and Aggregation)
    • Immunogenicity and Humanization

Instructor Biography:

Corbeil_ChristopherChristopher Corbeil, PhD, Research Officer, Human Health Therapeutics, National Research Council Canada

Christopher received his PhD from McGill University under the supervision of Prof. Nicolas Moitessier. After his PhD, he joined the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) as a Research Associate under the supervision of Dr. Enrico Purisima investigating solvation and protein loop searching. Following his time at the NRC he joined Chemical Computing Group as a Research Scientist developing tools for biologics design. After 4 years, he decided to leave private industry and rejoin NRC as a Research Officer focusing on investigating tools for computer-aided biologics design.