The Bispecific Antibody Development pipeline will feature 3 consecutive units for a comprehensive look at the bispecific antibody pipeline. The Introduction to Bispecific Antibodies Training Seminar will be an informative and practical guide to getting up to speed on bispecific antibodies, including mechanisms of action, engineering, developability, regulatory considerations, and translational guidelines. The Developability of Bispecific Antibodies track will showcase how platforms and engineering along with identifying favorable drug-like properties including half-life, pk/pd, immunogenicity, stability, and manufacturability can be considered early on to optimize chances for success of multi-specific drug candidates. Lastly, the Safety and Efficacy of Bispecific Antibodies, ADCs and Combination Therapy track will review clinical results and milestones of emerging constructs and identify the key parameters for success and safety of these novel formats.


January 16-17

Training Seminar: Introduction to Bispecific Antibodies: History, Engineering, and Application

January 17-18

Developability of Bispecific Antibodies

January 18-19

Safety and Efficacy of Bispecific Antibodies, ADCs and Combination Therapy

Keynote Presentations:

Jeffrey J. GrayDeep Learning in Antibody Engineering
Jeffrey J. Gray, PhD, Professor & Research Mentor & Outreach Advisor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Rakesh DixitEfficacy and Safety of Bispecifics, ADCs, and Combination Therapies in War against Deadly Cancers
Rakesh Dixit, PhD, President & CEO, Bionavigen

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