Selecting the optimal carrier system for delivery has a profound impact on the quality and characteristics of the final product. With so many versatile applications of this technology, there is an ever-increasing demand to enhance vector quality and capability. However, the vector space is not without its challenges. Some persistent issues include immunogenicity, limited cargo capacity, targeted delivery, purification, and complex regulatory considerations. Join us for the Vector Design and Delivery pipeline to explore innovative strategies for engineering viral and non-viral vectors with improved efficiency, scalability, and other solutions to the most challenging problems in the field.

January 16-17

Viral Vector Engineering & Scale-Up Considerations

January 18-19

Non-Viral Vector Engineering & Scale-Up Considerations


Mauricio S. Umana, PhD

Navigating CMC Regulations for Viral Vectors: A Comprehensive Guide
Mauricio S. Umana, PhD, Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs CMC, Regulatory Affairs CMC, MassBiologics

Charles Jones, PhD

Synthetic Biology and AI—How These Tools Enable a New Frontier When Combined with the Manufacturing and Design Capabilities of RNA
Charles Jones, PhD, Senior Director, mRNA Commercial Strategy & Innovation, Pfizer Inc.

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