The NEW Targeted Therapies pipeline explores the frontiers of targeted therapies and drug delivery systems, offering an integrated approach to advancing these transformative technologies. Discussions will delve into the engineering of safe and effective vectors to optimize delivery of therapeutic payloads such as mRNA, cell therapies, and gene therapies; insights into the promising realm of targeted radioligand therapies, which leverage the specificity of targeted molecules combined with the potency of radioisotopes for precise cancer cell elimination, as well as next-generation protein degradation approaches, which hold the potential to combat previously "undruggable" targets. Attendees will explore fundamental principles, optimization strategies, innovative targeting mechanisms, computational approaches, and clinical translation strategies, encouraging them to push the boundaries of biomedical research and clinical applications.

January 13

Vectors for Targeted Delivery

January 14-15

Targeted Radioligand Therapies

January 15-16

Next-Generation Protein Degradation

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